Publishing my writing on this site

I am still going without success in getting my work published in other places. More on that another time. For now, I have decided that some – and only a little some – of what I have done shall go up here. I write so that I may be read, naturally, but it would be a pity if all that I have done should stay in the drawer whilst other of my work wait upon the decisions of unknown gatekeepers.

To begin, I have put up a gothic pastiche called O’Nealius which I wrote in order to entertain, and also instruct, the younger of my pupils when studying the gothic genre. I have also put up something I think I must have written about a decade ago, which I now call The Last Word, and which I can barely remember composing. I found it squirrelled away when I began preparing to move house, amongst other hand-written pieces. It was the only one of several that had aged at all well.

In poetry, under the title Verses from my Youth, I have a number of pieces which I composed mostly when I was a student in thrall to verse. At this distance, I can hardly comprehend the work as my own, but that perhaps is why I feel able to publish it now. I shall be adding to this page as I unearth more of these dusty old lines. The first, Aurora, was my first artistic success, and still holds up well. I faintly remember writing it by candlelight in my flat in Aberdeen, during some bitter winter, whilst listening to Mike Oldfield’s Music of the Spheres. 

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