Some Verses from my Youth

I heard one sing Aurora in a spin
How, on her heart, the nights were drawing in
And reaching up, the sky I could not reach
And looking in, nought I saw but the breach
Where my heart should be
Why look you there? Just staring at the air?
Right out of reach and writing my despair?
You look at clouds that nightly cast us down
So look! Aurora’s drowned, and dark around
Where the light should be.
But wait, you said, let not your heart be set
Up there, the air has none of your regret
For you I point, but look you not? Just look
The cloud has broke, as had your heart mistook
It’s where it all should be
Yet you mistake! I gleeful cried
My heart is cold, my heart has died!
But wait, you said, and skyward send your eyes
So too your winter is to pass – you lie
I think you are deceiving me.

Lost Disciple

My table seats but one, I do not know
Where went the other twelve, nor can I go
Upon their heels, for we our several ways
Now spread The Word and words He says.

Each town I go, the tables lack a place.
For only twelve, or fourteen, is there space.
I still regret the silver that was took
And blame the one our fellowship forsook.

They were my friends until He made the claim
'A traitor near' but never said the name,
And ever since I've wandered, spoke His praise,
Yet fear I found suspicion in His gaze.


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